Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Eli is 15!

 I started this blog when Eli was two, and now he’s quite nearly a fully formed adult (frontal lobe notwithstanding.) I’m trying not to be too precious and sentimental, but if I could pick any human to make me a mom, it’d be this guy. He is sweet and smart and thoughtful and funny and stubborn enough to hold his own with his parents. He’s resilient enough to withstand all the parenting screw-ups and sarcastic enough to bring them up at just the right time (like when I thought I ruined Santa.) The world is better with him in it 

I will buy him wrestlers when he's forty and I suspect that he's good-naturedly appreciate them just as much then

Look at this cute baby. BABY! 

And now he's bigger than me and takes ridiculous pictures of us

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