Tuesday, October 26, 2021

A near perfect weekend

If I had to script a near perfect weekend, it would look a lot like this. 

Eli went to Homecoming! He and his friend went with two girls to the girls' school's dance, which made for a weird and slightly awkward parental fact-finding at the last minute, but details were secured and cute awkward teens were sent on their way. He was SO excited to wear this suit and now I'm looking for any opportunity for him to wear it again since the cost-per-wear right now is...not great. So he's going to be an MIB for Halloween. And we may rent him out for any usher/butler/pallbearer gigs we can find. 

C finished my walk-in pantry finally and the pantry table is GONE! As I was organizing and loading everything in, I realized that for a house of very casual drinkers, we had a ton of booze and wine. Like an embarrassing amount. Like three bottles of Bailey's and two of Fireball. So I threw it up on Facebook, made a couple deliveries, and voila! Happy friends and empty shelves. 

The rain started in earnest on Sunday (we got 80% of last year's TOTAL rainfall on Sunday alone) and C and my mom went to the casino, so I had the perfect excuse to spend all day crafting. Two Peppa Pig dresses, a dragon tail, a Mushu hat, and a vat of pumpkin soup (btw, significantly better the next day) later and my heart is happy. 

I missed winter. I really hope that we get tons more rain (though maybe not all at once again) and that the next few months look a lot like this. It felt good to bust out the glue gun again.


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