Wednesday, October 27, 2021

Last minute Halloween costume ideas

 Hey guys? Did you know that Halloween is next weekend? And even though you already know that I spent last weekend crafting cute little homemade costumes like a smug lifestyle/diy mommy-blogger, I also need you to know that we kind of forgot about Halloween until Instacart recommended that I add candy (more candy) to my cart. It's my birthday and it wasn't even on my radar.

I threw a few fake pumpkins out on the yard, let Averson run amok with the skeletons, and called it good. The boxes of indoor decorations (I'm adult enough to have boxes of "indoor decorations") remains exactly where I left it, where it will stay until I muster the energy to put it back in the attic. I bought a black cat kitchen towel and I'm confident that's plenty of holiday cheer. We will NOT be carving jack-o-lanterns and I suspect that there will be no cutesy social-distancing delivery system this year. Whatever. So in the spirit of "Oh shit. That's happening already?" I  thought I'd help you all out with some easy last-minute costume ideas. 

The Sock Basket: Basically the scariest thing known to family homes everywhere. Spray your kid with spray adhesive and let him roll around in the actual sock basket. For siblings, I'd recommend covering the other one with disposable forks that people insist on putting in the dishwasher or tupperware lids that obviously don't match anything

MaskBeard: Make them wear last year's pirate costume, but tuck a bunch of masks under their chin. Behold! The Dread Captain Maskbeard! 

A 90s girl: Remember last year how all the tweens wanted to dress up like a VSCO girl, but it was just a ploy to get a new outfit? Same gig, more butterfly clips. Oh? Was that just my kid pulling that? Coolcoolcool

Boss Babe: Dress your little girl in a pair of leggings and a tunic and slap a "Ask me how I replaced my full-time CEO income by selling snail urine!" sticker on her. Teach her to say, "I found this amazing product that I think would be perfect for you!" instead of "Trick or Treat!" 

"I did my own research"er:  'Merica t-shirt, reading glasses, and a horse tail. Smug face make-up and righteous indignation really bring this one home. 

I hope this helped! Remember, the kids will remember every moment of this super special holiday so make sure you do everything in your power to make it amazing! Or if you're like me, throw a couple boxes of full-size into your delivery order and call it a day. 

A retrospective of some of my favorites from Halloweens Past

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