Friday, September 30, 2022

5 on a Friday: Let's see how long this lasts

 My whole feed is full of "5 on a Friday" posts and I am nothing if not a late adapter of trends :) But I like the structure of it so let's see how it goes!

1) Today is a very awesome day. It's my penultimate day of my job, which means I get to use the word "penultimate," which I love, AND that I start my new job next week! More to come...

2) After living with a very ramshackle fence for almost a year, our neighbors decided that it was very urgent to get it replaced ASAP. We didn't really have the money to do it, and it was stressful to coordinate all the pieces, but today my new fancy fence is going in and I'm pretty thrilled about it. We're coming out ahead in the deal because we took the opportunity to cut out a bunch of awful tree-things which will give us a bunch of space AND the company is coming back next week to fix our awful gate which means I will no longer be using garden tools as a gate latch and I won't have to drag my trash cans out through the garage. So I'm poor, but happy! 

3) I took a page from Sarah's book and have been planning out meals based on the crazy kid schedule and it has been a GAME CHANGER. Now instead of feeling bad that groceries are getting wasted because we don't have time to make the meals, and instead defaulting to drive thru every night, we're being proactive and everyone knows what's happening. Wednesdays are a nightmare but this week I bought a Costco pizza that lived on the counter and people grabbed slices on their way in and out the door and it was totally fine! 

4) It's Hocus Pocus 2 day AND it's my movie night AND it's the start of spooky season! I'm wearing Halloween earrings to celebrate. 

5) I signed up for a CrossFit competition. I have no idea what I was thinking and now every morning I consider canceling it. I'm not going to because I'm a grown woman and even if I completely embarrass myself, it'll be fine, but pray for me? Also I hope they give me a t-shirt at least...

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  1. Hope the new job is off to a good start! I love the Costco pizza idea - very smart! And hooray for getting yard stuff taken care of!