Thursday, September 1, 2022

Might delete this later. Also, PSA: Don't be an asshole

 Yesterday at work I noticed a bunch of people all heading out at the same time. I happened to be in my boss's office when one person stopped at the door and asked if we were heading out soon too. I casually said "Where?" and then my boss informed me that, totally straight faced, there had been a "team building pool party" planned THAT I HAD NOT BEEN INVITED TO. So the entire office was emptying out save for me, one person to man the front desk because I still had patients scheduled, and one doctor. And here's the kicker. This isn't even the first time this has happened. 

I'm sure whoever decided to organize it this way had their reasons for not including me on any of the e-mails, but I cannot imagine any situation where I would intentionally exclude one person from an event where the other forty or so people are included, even if logistically I knew they wouldn't be able to go or if I knew that they would choose not to, or if I didn't want them there. Because... well just because. 

So after work, where I let myself out of a COMPLETELY EMPTY clinic, I met up with the family at Eli's (awesome but totally foreign and confusing) water polo game and was talking with Eli about my day. I told him, somewhat incredulously, how ridiculous the situation was. He immediately responded like a normal human (so I guess I've done my job there) but then also was like, "That reminds me of the time in third grade when Steven so-and-so handed out birthday party invitations to everyone but me!" And then Sydney, when she heard the story, had a similar third grade story. 

So here's the lessons learned. 

1) Apparently third grade has been rough in the Chiconky house?

2) People are fucking assholes who don't know basic etiquette rules

3) My kids are pretty awesome, and pretty resilient. And also they know not to hand out invitations in public or to talk about parties in case not everyone was invited

I hope someone peed in the pool

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  1. THAT is asshole behavior. Is there other toxic office behavior you've noticed?