Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Christmas Photodump and my awesome presents

 Christmas this year was all the things I love. It was quiet and cozy and low-key and while parts of it were sad, the kids keep declaring it "the best Christmas yet!"

Going to see the lights on Christmas Eve is becoming a tradition. I got ONE picture of all of us, and Eli has this pose in every single version
But he also was a good sport for this so...
Averson and I took the furs out for a spin earlier in the week

Finding matching PJs gets harder with big kids, but they were THRILLED with these! 

Averson got her bow and arrow set! (And helpfully, a second so someone could shoot with her) 

Her Christmas list included "Anything Hades related" and "Anything Cebirus [Cerberus] related." So my brother 3D printed and painted her a pretty intense version of Hades riding Cerberus

I bought these months ago and C gave me such a hard time, but I stand by the decision 100%

Happy Tween! 

This was another of Averson's homemade gifts. I finished it just in time (like, maybe at 10:00 on Christmas Eve) She named him Herbert

One of Eli's favorite gifts. A portable tea kettle and loose leaf teas. Also featured is one of Syd's favorites, a milk frother. Our coffee/tea station is getting a little out of hand

C and I gave each other the same ridiculous gift! I opened it and for a second thought he'd regifted it to me. Also, I originally thought the Warmies would be a silly little filler gift by OMG. They are delightful. 

And my brother made me into an action figure!!!

Her #1 ask was for a weighted blanket. It's a lot heavier than I expected and she loves it. She spent the rest of the day cozily pinned to various surfaces

Eli was such a happy elf this year. It was so fun

One of my favorite gifts! I've wanted a spoon carving set forever but it's absolutely one of those ridiculous things you keep looking at and never buy. So now I'm a spoon carver

C's perfect spot for the present opening chaos. 

My brother and sister-in-law are ridiculously adorable

Another fail-safe gift? The Comfy. Everyone loves a Comfy

The day after Christmas my brother and his wife headed out and we all went to the archery range to try out the bows. It was such a good time and fun to have all five of us together. Between the bows, the carving set, and the unpictured shacket situation, there was a real vibe going on for Christmas this year and I kind of love it. Last night C and I sat at the kitchen table, me carving my spoon and him putting tips on arrows and it all was wonderful but also I saw a picture of a cousin's Christmas and their grandpa wore overalls and I may have thought to myself "I should get C a pair of those!"  

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  1. Sounds like the pace of the holiday was just right for you. And you look amazing as an action figure!