Sunday, December 11, 2022


 Weekend mornings drinking coffee while my house sleeps will forever be one of my favorite things. On this particular morning I’ve also cranked out some Christmas shopping and started a delightful new book. 

It’s so stormy here. Apparently we’re having a “hydrological event” which I opine is a dumb phrase to use if you’re trying to warn the general public about a shit-ton of wind and water. But alas, no one asked me. So for future reference if you’re warned of a hydrologic event, it means the highways will be flooded and you shouldn’t bother putting up outdoor holiday decorations unless you like having to go find them later. And if you hydroplane while singing La-di-da-di word for word your teenager will be as impressed as teenagers get by their nerdy middle-aged moms. You’re welcome! 

In other Sunday news, new job (which I still love so so much but OMG I’m working a lot of hours) gave me a signing bonus (!!!) so we’re FINALLY considering replacing the blue (or gray, or green) carpet!!! I’m so stupid excited even though it means strangers are seeing my kids’ rooms and the corners where I stash all the things because while I have acres of blue carpet, I do not have storage space. But soon! Soon all my stuff will sit upon carpet and flooring that is younger than I am and it will be glorious!!

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  1. We also need new carpet, and I just... would rather move. I am with you on the early AM coffee-- it;s so lovely, especially with a tree. And we are getting that event with snow and then maybe tornadoes later this week-- cannot wait!