Tuesday, August 8, 2023

My octopus

I've been wanting to add to my shoulder tattoo for awhile, but I didn't know what I wanted and tattoos are expensive and it was just a whole "thing" and I already had enough things. But then my regular tattoo artist took on an apprentice, which meant that I could get an appointment quicker and cheaper, from someone learning from someone I trusted, so I figured "fuck it!" 

I am SO IN LOVE with this tattoo. Seriously. I think it's my absolute favorite one. She did such a good job on it. Every time I remember that it's on my arm I get excited all over again. She didn't show me the drawing until the day of the tattoo, so I got to be totally surprised by it which was fun and I'm so glad I hadn't chickened out. She designed it so we can keep building if I want, which I hadn't considered but now that I see how pretty it is, it may turn into a whole sleeve. 

I have no serious attachment to octopuses or the ocean but I just love this guy (or maybe girl? I haven't decided yet) It's just so fucking rad. Also I just learned that they can itch their own lungs so that's weird and cool. Plus they are cool animals...



  1. oh wow!! I love it! A hockey/baseball mom friend of ours has a really beautiful tattoo on her shoulder, and Minnie goes OH WOW. I LOVE YOUR STAMP.

  2. The illustrated Chiconky! Love it!