Friday, August 25, 2023

Youth Recruit Eli

We are in a season where all the kids are happy and healthy and well and I am frequently overwhelmed by gratitude for that. Eli, especially, is absolutely THRIVING right now. He's in a dual enrollment program where he's spending half of his day in fire tech training and even though it's a bit of a logistical crash course, it's just such an amazing opportunity for him. Thank god he can drive. 

And speaking of driving, his parking spot brings me all the feels

My brother gifted him his first gen Prius. We weren't in a position to get him a car so this was such a huge gift and made it possible for him to do this program. He loves the freedom and even though he doesn't really appreciate the benefit of a hybrid to a kid with no income, I certainly do. 

A uniform! 

And his own personal axe. He assures me that it's all safe and copacetic. We shall see...

Seriously. This program is LEGIT. 



  1. that's SO SO SO cool. you have got to be over the moon proud of him.

    (harry also drives an elderly Prius-- love it)

  2. That is seriously impressive! How nice of your brother too.