Thursday, February 11, 2010


E's always been an especially verbal kid. When he was about 4 months old and other babies were cooing and making sweet little baby sounds, my son emitted nothing but these feral-sounding gutteral growls. I have no idea what his first word was, because once he started talking, he never stopped. And he's always spoken "older" than kids his age. I remember when he was about 2 and his teachers laughed because he would say "I'm feeling very frustrated!" (Total shrink's kid, by the way. Pray for him.) Having a talker is usually a blessing, and I'm grateful that he's been able to tell me what he wants and how he's feeling, even though it sometimes gets us in trouble. Like the time we got the "Incident Report," generally reserved for acts of violence that result in blood or bodily injury, because E, totally appropriately and with the right emphasis, yelled "SON OF A BITCH!" during school. Yeah, totally threw his dad under the bus for that one. I would NEVER say such a thing. I was just glad that's all he said.

So yeah, the kid can talk. And for the last year or so he's also been adding words to his vocabulary that he felt were necessary and missing. I want to keep a record of these, because I think that at some point they will A) make me swoon at the precious-ness or B) become even more powerful than the picture I have of him wearing a firetruck shirt, snowboots, and no pants. So here's some of what he's come up with, with his definition. I'll add to it as I can remember them or he comes up with more.

Schoolie-When you feel like you have to poop, but nothing comes out but a fart (an SBD)

Perkin-Like camping, but you're inside (sleeping in a sleeping bag inside)

Panoonie-Mean words

Fourth Head-Forehead. You can't tell him otherwise, and sometimes he'll talk about Fifth Heads.

Tortilla-Diarrhea (gross, I know) It took a long time, longer than it should have, to figure out why E kept saying he had tortilla in his pants. This one's held out for over a year now.


  1. Son of a bitch-- oh my god. I am DYING. Love frustrated, too-- Harry said that, and it was so precious, and he almost never had tantrums because he could tell us exactly how he felt. And then he turned 3. Holy hell.

  2. What a fun kid! I love the brilliance of the E words. The SoB made me laugh. Got to share that with J.
    We have a talker too. However, I remember very clearly her first deliberate word (other than mom and dad) of "kitty" at 7.5 months. I thought I was hallucinating. I am going to ignore "Sarah's" comment about 3 and continue to believe that my non-tantrum, verbally expressive kid will continue through.

  3. I have to agree, 3 is kind of tough. Although being verbal made 2 a lot easier.