Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend update

Not the best picture, but it was dark and the person with our camera was drunk
C and I had an actual date! I wore high heels and he tucked his shirt in, that's how real it was. A friend of mine watched Eli so that C and I could go see Ron White perform. He was great, and now I've learned a really dirty word that I'm just waiting to use on someone. It's like the time I was 14 and learned the word "gash." Eli LOVED being "kid sit" (because "I'm not a baby!") and charmed her entire family. He also scammed pizza and his body weight in fresh oranges, California style.

Saturday we ran errands, which included the obligatory Target trip. This is what the kid wore, the whole time. Whenever anyone said "Look! It's Spiderman!" he responded with "I'm not Spiderman! I'm Eli! It's just a costume." There's no secret identity for this kid.


  1. I am dying at the Spiderman-- that's awesome!

  2. Nice grown-up picture of you two. I want to know the word! Lookin' good Spidey - but I knew it was you.