Monday, February 1, 2010

Yoga (well, it started out as yoga-related, then went on a tangent)

In a continued effort to reduce The Crazy, and also to give Bugg a little more attention, I signed up for a weekly prenatal yoga class. I love yoga and had been missing it. I was also hoping that my body would remember and loosen up a bit. Last week was our first session and although I was excited to be around other preggos, I found it hard to transition from prison to life. I was a little aloof to say the least. It's something that I struggle with a lot, and more so the more guarded I get at work.

All day I dodge questions about how many months I am, what I'm having, when I'm due, whether I have other kids, if my feet hurt, the list goes on and on. It's important to me to keep this part of my life as protected as possible, and I as a rule don't discuss my family with inmates. It gets a little harder when staff don't understand that, but so far it's been okay. All that to say that I felt a little awkward at yoga, like the weird girl in the corner who wasn't reveling in the glory of pregnancy.

This week was a lot better. I even burst into laughter during a pretty simple pose because my brain couldn't make it work. So now I'm thinking that this class is going to have an added bonus in that it may help me to function like a normal (or normal-ish) human being.

The yoga itself is amazing. I'm always surprised how much better I feel when I didn't even know I felt bad. My legs are starting to hurt more at the end of the day and yoga's doing wonders for releasing some of that tension. I leave feeling more balanced, both physically and emotionally. I also love that there's a couple hours a week where it's just me and my daughter, in a room full of women, celebrating being women. Girl power all the way.


  1. Yoga is the best! I started doing it in college and am addicted.
    I loved your last line about just being with your daughter and celebrating being a girl-beautiful.

  2. I wish I would've worked less and done things like that more while I was pregnant.