Friday, March 4, 2011


Isn't it pretty?

We finally did it! We traded in our tired, ten-year old, crap-tastic, way too small bed for a behemoth of a king size. We essentially went in the store, said "point us to your biggest mattress" and handed over our card. They delivered it yesterday and it is amazing. Even better, since the kid was sick yesterday with what we were sure was going to be pink-eye (turns out not pink-eye!) I got the bed to myself, or rather me and Syd, and the boys spent one last night in the guest bed. I can't believe we waited so long. C just keeps going in the room and staring at it. Plus we had to get a new bed set, so it's like we got a room re-model too. AND I even managed to sell the old one (believe it or not) on craigslist, so I figure the bed was another $75 cheaper.

So now we've got this awesome bed, a totally not awesome dresser, and a whole lot of open wall space. I think my sister said it best when she said that our house looked naked. And ever since she said that I can't stop seeing places where it looks like we just moved in. The bedroom has been sorely neglected, and now there's a huge empty space on a huge empty wall. What would you put here? And what do you use for a dresser/chonie storage. Cuz our dresser is on borrowed time.


  1. a big mirror with a bad ass iron frame

  2. hehehehe It is A.W.E.S.O.M.E. Its just so damn big.

  3. Looks great!!! You will enjoy this purchase more than you can even imagine :)