Sunday, March 6, 2011

Life according to Syd

*Ritz crackers and a cup of water is about the best meal ever
*When people stop to comment on how cute you are, growl like a demon, then laugh like a
banshee, then flash a big toothy smile. It totally freaks them out.
*There's nothing funnier than a good game of "Gitchu gitchu." Raspberry tummy is a close
*My brother. My brother is awesome.
*There is no substitute for a quality gadget. Don't let anyone try to convince you that a plastic phone with silly lights and tinny sounds is better than an ipod, the remote control, or Mama's cell phone. If they try, scream.
*If they put you in a bed alone, it's merely a test of your ability to scream. So scream away until
they come back.
*Unless you're at daycare, then sleep for hours and smile innocently when your mom
acts surprised
*Socks are the greatest invention ever! They taste fabulous and are super fun to play with. Some
people put them on your feet, but that is easily remedied.
*Bob Marley ROCKS!! One Love, people, One Love

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