Monday, March 14, 2011

Things I'm excited about

SPRING! I must have drank the kool-aid, because it's been in the seventies and I cannot WAIT for warm weather.

Sydney's birthday. There will be cupcakes and cookies and balloons and quite possibly a tutu and a tiara. Or two.

Eli's birthday. Desperately trying to talk him into a Lego theme, but also acceptable would be superheroes. It's his 5 year old birthday so he gets a party and the venue of his choice. There WILL be bouncehouses.

Several days on the coast. See "Spring!" Also, seeing Coach and Auntie J again. A fun mini-vacation with the babies.

Hiring a housekeeper. Still a work in progress, but becoming more attainable.

My mom coming to visit! She hasn't seen the kids since last July and I feel like I'm getting ready for Parent Night at school. Setting out all of my craft projects, teaching Eli adorable songs, trying to make sure that Syd keeps growling just a little bit longer.

A tattoo. Details/pictures soon, I hope. Also maybe a remake of the nose ring?

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  1. And Debbie Downer says:
    Alas, I use to LOVE spring, it was my favorite season. Then I moved to the NW and spring is now the time of endless rain, weeks without sun, and heavily hit allergies-one shouldn't have to be allergic to both mold and pollen. But here is to fingers crossed that Joe goes to grad school in Ca.