Saturday, April 23, 2011

And bringing up the rear...

I took the kids to Panera today for lunch after a morning spent watching the parade. I was feeling pretty awesome, mom out alone with two kids, not frazzled, having a pleasant conversation with Eli while Sydney chowed down on raw onions (WTF?) Eli was telling me all about his dreams of being a cowboy and having his very own horse. Then he tells me he wants a horse named, wait for it... Ass Tank. Ass Tank? And he's adamant. Ass Tank. And he keeps talking about it, louder and louder.

Took me about 15 minutes of "Are you sure you want to name him that?" "Where'd you come up with that name?" and "What exactly does that mean?," while all the while my angelic little four year old keeps repeating "Ass Tank," to figure out he meant "Aztec."


  1. Oh Good Grief! That made me laugh so hard I am surprised I didn't go into labor. He and L can go ride off into the sunset together.

  2. Ass Tank has a nice ring. Just love that guy. Atta Girl, Syd, with the onions. I like your style! How cute is it for a baby to have onion breath?