Monday, April 25, 2011

What the...?

Driving home, I started mentally planning Syd's birthday party. I've got a theme, the invitations are ordered, and I'm working on the food. After I picked the kids up I took them to Target to spend some Easter money that their grandparents sent them. While there, I found the ball popper we were planning on getting Syd for her birthday on sale. Score!

I loaded up the kids and was driving home, listening to them both chattering away in the back (Eli about Spiderman, Syd repeating "Nana? BA NANA! Nana? BAAA NANA!") and I thought to myself "Hmm. In a couple of weeks I can turn her around and actually see what she's doing back there." And then it hit me. I can turn her around in a couple of weeks. Because she'll be one. One year old. WTF?! When did that happen? How did that happen? How did she go from this

To this?

And what about the other one? The one who'll turn FIVE!!! just a month later?

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  1. OMG-- she is too cute! I love the first picture-- hilarious! I know what you men-- I cannot believe Harry is 5 and ready for kindergarten-- it blows my mind. I sill feel like Jack is a baby because he craps his pants, but hopefully that will soon change...