Thursday, February 16, 2012

Gloriously normal

In perfect balance to yesterday, which was a bit Twilight Zone-ish, today was perfectly, normally, awesome. C and I cleaned the house together, without snark or throwing things, while Eli was at school. I picked the kids up and took them to the park. While we were there, I got to see Eli race to his sister's rescue when a bigger kid was taking advantage of her, saying boldly "How can you pick on her? She's only one year old! Come on Syd, let's go play over here." Then he took her by the hand and let her join him and his kindergarten friends. *Swoon* We ate lunch at the library, which just made my heart happy on so many levels. C agreed, and even suggested, to go to IKEA. If you know him, this is a big f-ing deal. Dude does not tolerate the blue and yellow. IKEA had lingonberry frozen yogurt, which may have changed my life in a delicious, sort-of-healthy-but-not-if-you-eat-twenty way. My new, super cheap glasses came in the mail and they don't suck. In fact, they may be my favorite yet. C seems to like them at least ;) We ate at a new restaurant that served both black bean burgers (homemade!) and sweet potato fries (with rosemary and thyme!). I'm finally getting the house put together (pictures to come, waiting for daylight) and I'm the proud owner of a nightstand AND a lamp. I love days like this, where it all feels so gloriously normal. Does that make sense? What does your gloriously normal days look like?
Mmmmm Burgers....

Shameless, really
Looking out for his sister. So cheek-cramping, heart-meltingly sweet


  1. Swoon indeed-can he marry my eldest? Sounds like this is a much better fit of a town than the last. One day our two families will have to share a glorious normal day together :-)

  2. Such cute pictures! I love being off in the middle of the day and taking the kids places. That's how we spend our afternoons, and people always look at us like WTF? Don't you have jobs?

  3. (1) Your glasses are adorable

    (2) Your son f*ing rocks. What a cool kid (with a kind heart)! Thanks for sharing that story; it made my morning!