Thursday, February 23, 2012

Totally random

We've been having a small issue with our old landlord and his returning our security deposit. After several "reminder" calls, he wrote C today to ask for our address. A week after he said, "I'll put it in the mail first thing tomorrow!" When he told C "I would've had it to you sooner, but you requested copies of the invoices" C flipped his lid. He wrote back a pissed off e-mail, and then I got to researching and drafting a more assertive letter. I love, love, love writing things like this. It was awesome! And I got an e-mail back that said, "You should have your check tomorrow." Done.

I think I'm in at work. I had an issue with an inmate last week when he spit on me (hit the glass, no big deal). The next day he tells me I'm "sexy, like Wonder Woman" and then threatens to kill me. So I have to write him up for all of these. Which means I have to tell my boss and the unit's custody boss that someone called me "Wonder Woman." Aaannd...Commence the teasing. But I'm in. This is going to make my life so much easier.

Sydney says "Pepperoni." It's the cutest thing I've ever heard. It comes out "Popper-ononi" Adorable.

Turns out, when we have company C and I bicker like we're 80. Its a really attractive quality, though it's also kind of fun. At one point today I actually said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll keep my opinions to myself, take off my shoes, and get back into the kitchen." WTF?

Eli's freaking awesome. His dad bought him foam-ish nunchucks today, which is super cool but will eventually get him into trouble. My money's on tomorrow.

Also today I found the most perfect superhere art for the kids' room. Now I just need to buy a poster off Etsy and that room should be done. So excited!


  1. Ha! Harry has lots of toys that almost immediately get him into trouble. We were at Toys R Us yesterday, and he wanted a sword, and Ben was like, "Why? You want to get yelled at for hitting your brother?"

    Glad you're "in" :)

  2. Oh, sure... you found superhero art... and you have to "buy" a poster.... we all know you're just going to pin up a picture of yourself in your Wonder Woman costume. :)