Sunday, February 19, 2012


This, plus sticky fingerprints and a speaker that perfectly imitates a Charlie Brown classroom scene, is the phone that I have now. It sucks, but it works. I have no problem letting Syd play with it because it's a piece of crap. I've never really liked it, but again, it gets the job done. It just doesn't get the job done with much pizzazz. Before this move, it made no sense for me to get a fancier phone. I worked five days a week in a place where I could potentially get arrested for bringing my phone with me. Then I commuted an hour and a half to two hours a day. One $200 cell phone ticket was enough to convince me that I wouldn't be using my drive time to stay connected. That left nights, between kids/dinner/bath/bed, and the weekends between laundry/grocery store/cleaning/kids/park/nap... It just didn't make any sense. But now! Now I commute under fifteen minutes. I work four days a week. C is immensely more active at home, which gives me a bit more free time. And I WANT an iPhone. Something fierce. I'm not even really sure why, except I know that I want to put pictures on FB without hooking up my camera and I want to tweet without logging into a computer. Really I could live with the one I have, or upgrade to another, newer basic phone, but I really want the pizzazz.

I'm noticing that this is a trend. In setting up the house, I'm finding myself being much more thoughtful. Rather than A) I have this picture so B) this picture should be hung up I'm thinking about style and presentation and "pretty." I bought a vase for no other reason than I liked it's color. I have no intention of ever putting flowers in it. It's sole purpose is to sit and be pretty. I love it. I feel feminine with all these thoughts in my head, as I daydream about finding the perfect piece of art for this one corner, or the perfect shelf to hold the perfect tchotke, which has no purpose but to be pretty. In the past, I think I've equated "pretty" with "irresponsible" and so I've forced myself to choose function over form. Something about this latest move has changed that. I bought red pants because they made me happy. I have style boards bursting on pinterest. And I want an iPhone, despite being able to make-do with something cheaper. (I feel like I need to add the disclaimer that we are still working towards some kind of fiscal responsibility and debt reduction. Noted.) I want pretty. I want what people have. It makes me happy, which I'm finding also reduces The Crazy. See what I did there? Totally justified all my no-justification-neededs.

Its expanded to the kids too. C and I have been avoiding buying Eli a Beyblade for almost a year now. Truth is, I totally don't get it and it seems like the kind of toy that either requires a lot of accessories or gets played with once. We've redirected and overemphasized better, less TV-tie in toys. C even made him homemade Beyblades out of rollerblade wheels. Last week, two separate kids brought Beyblades to school, and wouldn't let Eli play with them. Poor kid. So I came up with token jobs he could do to "earn" the money and the kid is now sleeping with his Beyblade. I think that, even if he only plays with it for a day, it's all good. He got his "pretty," his "because I want it." I think we all need that every once in a while. So what's your "pretty"? What's your thing that's sole purpose is to make you happy?

Also, if you have any opinions on the iPhone, I'd love to hear them. Is it as cool as I think? And do I go with white or black?


  1. Harry wants Beyblades, too, but they look kind of dangerous for the littler kids, so we've been avoiding.

    I love my iPhone-- it's great and super pretty. Very good for FB on the go :)

    Jealous of your red jeans-- I have been wanting some for months, but not in my current size...

  2. Oh, I love pretty. It is funny cause this feminine side of me only came out after L was born, and I really enjoy it. I saw a pinterest sign recently that said something like only have things that you either find beautiful or use.

    The iPhone is awesome-I have a black 4 (if you get the 4s I want to hear all about Siri and the camera)and it ensures that neither me or my children will ever be bored again. Oi voy, maybe not a good thing, eh?

    Good call on letting him earn the Beyblades.

  3. The iPhone really IS all that it is hyped up to be... I think you will enjoy it and realize that in some ways it is a time saver. White or black doesn't matter to me cause I always have it in a case!

  4. I totally think you should totally get an iphone (black), because I am selfish and miss you on Twitter. And hi! I stalk your blog!