Sunday, May 27, 2012

Know what's awesome?

I'll tell you what's not awesome. Working on a Sunday and then explaining to your kid that you have to work tomorrow and hear him incredulously ask "Even though it's a holiday!?" Yep, Kid. Crazy doesn't take a vacation, but Mama's co-workers do. And it's just salt in the wound that today was mind-numbingly slow. I don't know if they're trying not to rock the boat or if they're on REALLY good meds, but those guys were so, so quiet today. The only guys who wanted to talk were the ones who wanted to tell me how much they wanted to kill themselves, the voices won't stop telling them to kill themselves, they're going to kill themselves if I send them anywhere else, "Can you see if I've got any mail?" Grr.

I'm teaching Sydney to stomp her foot. On one hand, I know that I will regret this so very, very much but on the other hand, it's really freaking adorable.

I finally tried making freezer paper stencils and IT. IS. AWESOME. Syd now has per-her-request pink bus shirt and Eli has an original, Power Rangers inspired one. This could get ugly.

Eli got his first real skinned knees on the scooter today. I'd like to say that the kid took it like a champ, but he didn't. He gets a little histrionic sometimes. Luckily I had several superhero bandaids stashed in the stroller (because I'm a boyscout trapped in a 31 year old mother's body). Let's just say there was unnecessary wailing and at one point I had to walk away and let his dad (who is not well known for his patience and empathy) handle it.

Speaking of scooters, some punk kid tried to charge me on his while I was out running today. As in, swerved to head straight for me. Punk. He looked confused when I didn't move. I wanted to tell him, "Please. The last guy who tried that with me killed his family with an axe, and I didn't move for him either." But of course I didn't think that up until afterwards. It would've been pretty cool though.

Oh yeah. I started running again. According to my C25K log, I start running every May, and have still not finished the freaking program. But this year's different! (right?) There's a very cool looking 5K/10K here in September and it's for a very cool cause, so I'm challenging myself to run the 10K. And then if that goes well, I want to do the Warrior Dash for my birthday. We shall see.

I was trying to think of some cute way to wrap this all up in a nice bow, but it didn't work out. Honestly, it's more verbal vomit than a coherent train of thought anyway. You're welcome.

I tried to add some cute pictures of the kids but it keeps telling me that it lost connection with the server. I have no idea how to fix that, so we're going to consider it a sign and I'll put pictures up another time. 

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