Thursday, May 17, 2012

Happy Birthday, Sunshine!

Helping me make cupcakes :) 
She's been asking for a month to ride the carousel, but when we got to the mall this bus was a much bigger deal.
All day. All day I tried for a single decent family picture and this is the best I got. Also, note Syd's totally fake pout. 
It just kills me how daintily she's eating this cupcake!
We had an awesome birthday celebration! We sang "Happy To You!," hit the mall for a carousel ride (and subsequently freaked out and refused to sit on a carousel animal), made cupcakes, took a walk to the duck pond, and opened presents. Syd ROCKED the cupcake dress and was perfectly adorable all day. One of her first gifts was an elephant that sings a birthday song, so all day she'd turn it on a dance. Someone asked me today if it was sad that she's two already, and all I could think is that two suits her.


Bridget McCarthy said...

What a cutie! Happy Two Years!!

imaya said...

Adorable pictures! Happy Birthday Syd!

Amanda said...

Happy birthday little lady, love the cupcake dress, and the pics are way cute! Happy anniversary, too! :)

Laura said...

What a doll!! happy birthday Sydney!!!

Meg said...

Beautiful! Love the dress. Our neighbor's daughter (also 2) has a similar one and wears it ALL the time--they have a hard time getting it off of her!

Lindsay said...

So so cute! Love you all so much and I wish we could've been there!