Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sydney's birthday

This girl turned three, and celebrated in excess :)
I love this pose. This girl can rock the hands-on-her-hips attitude like nobody's business
Birthday donuts (and juice that's not juice)!
Want to know what's fun? Forcing kids to take a family picture OUTSIDE of an amusement park.
My princess loved this carriage so. freaking. much. 
Don't all three-year-olds blow out their birthday candles topless? 
Happy Birthday Sydney Cheyne! You're amazing. You are fierce and strong and stubborn. You love with a rawness that makes people adore you. You are creative and imaginative. You love all things sparkly and pink and purple as much as you love to wrestle and climb and jump. You dance facing away from people because you don't want to have an audience. But Baby Girl, your presence is magnetic. Everywhere we go people are drawn to you. You are my mini-me, and the best of me. We love you so much.  
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