Sunday, May 5, 2013

Camping Weekend

With my maternity leave ending soon, we decided to take advantage of the time and weather to take our first camping trip of the season. It was a little short-notice, so we ended up plunking a couple hundred for "supplies" and basically throwing every camping-related item we own on top of the car. We're hoping that next time the process will be a lot more stream-lined (and cheaper!).
It didn't look like this for long, but it was so cozy!
We found an awesome campground that was on the other side of a local lake. Read: Everyone else was on the near side and our side was practically empty. This meant we had our pick of sites and were able to spread out a bit. I think we ended up covering three :) And the camp hosts were awesome. They even brought us free wood that they'd collected from cleaning other sites each night we were there.
This made my heart happy
Have I mentioned how much I love the Ergo? Avery practically lived in it.
(Also, this picture is my motivation to do more arm work. WTF is happening there?)
One of my favorite parts
of camping is everyone wandering around in jammies/sweats in the morning
Eli was SO excited to catch a lizard!
So happy after sleeping for EIGHT HOURS STRAIGHT in the tent.
Early morning sisters photo shoot
C teaching Syd how to cast. She's a natural
They took of on a "hike" just the two of them. I just about melted from the cuteness.
Awesome little dock. Note that Syd's legs don't reach the water, so C had to dangle her. He's got incredible arm strength 
I love love love camping. I'm so glad we went and that now we know that Avery can go too. I foresee lots more trips this summer.

So questions for the internets:
Do you camp with your kids, and if so, what are your go-to dinner recipes? I'm tired of burgers and brats and want to branch out more.
What's the quickest way to remedy whatever is happening with my arms? Seriously, I may need to eliminate tank tops from my wardrobe. 
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  1. You may have just tempted me into doing a camping trip. LOVE the pictures! You are funny, I actually was thinking, "wow she looks great" then read your photo comment. EVERYONE'S arms look like that when squished up against the their body. Jillian Michael's 20 min 30 day shred will tone and burn fat like nothing else. Also, probably super good for half marathon endurance. Sooo hard, but if you do it I will do it again.
    (kabobs, and tinfoil meal packets are my favorite camping meals)

  2. So fun! Glad that you went camping and I hear you on the cost! I think we *finally* have all the gear so that it might actually be economical! We don't really have many interesting food ideas either... usually tacos, burgers, steak, etc.

    My first thought looking at the pics was also, "man, she looks great!" I guess we are our own worst critics!

  3. My first thought was also "She looks awesome!" And also "total rockstars camping with a newborn!"

    We like fish packets. Fish, potatoes, onions, and a squeeze of lemon wrapped in foil then put it right up near the fire for ten-ish minutes. You could do it with other types of meat too!

  4. Great pictures! Your arms are fine - remember your sturdy German heritage. The kids look beyond adorable. Do you remember eating Spam linguine on the boat? Just freeze leftovers in foil containers and enjoy home cooking over the fire. Pizza, too. And, grilled veggies and fruit slices.

  5. I used to love camping. Then I joined the military and it was too much camping (of not the fun, relaxing kind, but more of the "let's dig a fox hole... now... fill it in and we can dig another one out again!" kind). But now I want to go again because I see all these fun "meals in a mason jar" and I totally want to try that. (Although, I'm not that organized so it will probably never happen.)