Sunday, January 3, 2016

Mission Redemption

In order to redeem the week of my vacation that was spent in ToxicLand, we decided to take the kids for a quick mini-trip to the coast. We had Christmas money to spend and a membership to the aquarium, and no where to be for three days. We had SO MUCH FUN. Also, we stayed at a Motel 6 and it did not suck.

Calico Critters are still a hit *squeee!*

We took a behind-the-scenes tour at the aquarium and it was so cool. The kids got to feed fish, got a private touch pool demonstration, and learned about sea otter conservation. We're big on sea otters. 

Averson as an otter keeper. 

Steampunk dioramas are a huge hit

So grateful we did the tour because the aquarium was horribly, claustrophically crowded and after the tour we felt justified calling it a day and getting the hell out of there. 

We also hit up this huge, awesome playground that we never have time for on our day trips and spent a good half of an afternoon running amok. I'm so appreciative of playground designers that are safety minded and have a single entrance point. It means that I can usually sit somewhere near the kids and let my kids run wild. Emphasis on sit. 

Conveyor belt slide. Why is this not everywhere?

Motel 6 Cuisine. Klassy!

This makes my heart happy. I'm not sure how much longer we can get away with one room, but I hope it's a little while longer.
Our final stop was a tourist trap that EVERYONE has a bumper sticker from. I didn't realize you needed to buy tickets in advance, so we got to hang out in the middle of BFE nowhere for hours on the waitlist. Lucky for me, the guy in line in front of me was an a-hole and I wasn't, so we did manage to get tickets eventually. 

Mysterious! Also maybe the most abusive thing I've done to my children, snarling at them to stand in the weird, disorienting, leaning cabin for JUST ONE SECOND so I could take this lovely picture. Notice the beautiful scream on A's face? 


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 I have a couple more adventures to catch up on, including my New Year plans. But I think it's weird to post more than one blog in a day, so I'll just seem really busy for the next few days. Stay tuned! There's candy and a questionable haircut!

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  1. Good for you for taking the time to create family adventures the kids will remember forever.