Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Stream of Consciousness Wednesday

For a girl who's first word was "Cheese!" her selfie game is really lacking. Also, I deleted about 127 of these off my phone. Who uses the burst setting besides toddlers?  

Apparently I also deleted a lot of other pictures, because I have about four of anything interesting and then six memes about ball sweat. Finding randomly relevant memes on the internet is my superpower. Side note: It's about a million degrees here suddenly. 

Moving on...

Eli's got a side hustle going mowing our neighbor's lawn (for $10 a week!) and now he's adding to his customer list. I'm stupid proud of him, even if it means I have to do my own menial chores now because he's busy working. He's taking it very seriously, which I love. 

We were gifted this little red bistro set and I've been working on setting up a little patio spot on the back porch. I bought these lights off Amazon and they are even better than I'd imagined. Now I'm on the search for a rug. This has become my favorite spot in the whole house. It makes me so giddy happy that I watched the sun go down yesterday waiting for it to be dark enough to turn the lights on.

I'm starting a new class tonight, and (hence the procrastination) and I just went over my old presentations. This is easily my favorite course to teach. One of my students told me last week, "Everyone knows that psychopathology is Dr. Chiconky's jam" which made me feel both awesome and kind of old. Sort of like when Syd told me that she collected my gray hairs because they're so sparkly.  

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