Sunday, July 9, 2017

A new tradition

My sister's in town! We've done a lot of sitting and day drinking and napping with babies, but we did rally to go to San Francisco and go shopping on The Haight one day. We went last year too (and bought pants off a stranger in the street.) This year was less hippy and more drunken, psychotic homeless people who wanted to show us their spiders in the handle of Bacardi (to which I helpfully said, "I wouldn't drink that") and later try to lock us in a macabre shop, sing songs made up completely of the different words for vagina, or warn us about the windows . Still fun, but in a very different way. Averson, in her animal loving glory, stopped to pet everyone's dog. Everyone being all of the "colorful characters" on Haight and Ashbury. I think part of the reason it was still fun is maybe because pot is legal now, so stopping in one place for too long anywhere on Haight is bound to get you a little teensy bit of a contact high. MOTY. But we did discover that Averson can hold her own in a dance off with indie house music played from a scratchy tablet.


The most hipster vandalism ever

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