Thursday, October 26, 2017

Brain dump in no discernible order

We have been very busy doing all the fall things. Also, my computer lives inside a big trunk and I've been too lazy to pull it out to properly blog. Probably more of the second than the first, actually...
The obligatory Pumpkin Patch trip. This year we found an AWESOME farm that had a huge slide complex, a corn maze, tractor AND train rides, and a haunted barn! Totally worth it. Plus we got there early before it got hot or crowded. 

She loved this dried corn cob so hard. It may have accidentally jumped in my bag and came home with us. 

The haunted barn. She was underwhelmed. Syd on the other hand hung from my arm the whole time. 

It's a birthday month miracle! This was, shit you not, the first take. All looking, all smiling, no bunny ears. WTF?
 I took the girls to see the My Little Pony movie on Sarah's recommendation, and it did not disappoint. The girls and I have been throwing lines out ever since. Seriously, on a scale of The Good Dinosaur to Trolls, this was just a click below The Secret Life of Pets. Honestly not terrible. 
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I will be so sad when he grows out of this.

Apparently the Biggest one got hold of my phone too. There are many action scenes...

We killed a solid witching hour taste-testing out of my mason jar shot glasses (klassy!) I think this is maybe pickle juice? Or pineapple juice?

Holiday crafting in full force

The dogs ate all the scraps. I think it was a win? 

We are ALMOST done with soccer. C swears that I hate it every year, but OMG am I ready to not sit in wet grass with strangers every Saturday and a couple times during the week. Also, to not have to give one flying fuck where anyone's other shin guard is or whether anyone can tell that I used my black dress socks instead of soccer socks because the only time I can find those is in the middle of summer. 

I love this picture so much. Both girls are really owning their own style. Syd loves to wear these fake glasses. Averson. Well...

Bathrobe, shoes on the wrong feet, giant baby bow, and a pink stuffed penguin. It's the new black. 
Only putting this here because it was the same day and she wore the same outfit. I took Averson to my Weight Watchers meeting with me last week. My meeting is at the crack of dawn on Saturdays and she'd gone to bed at 5 the night before, so rather than try to convince her to let the rest of the family sleep I let her come with me. She was thrilled and loved all the clapping. I prayed to God I wasn't setting the foundation of her future eating disorder. So we'll see how this goes.
Speaking of Weight Watchers, I'm a month in and 7.6 pounds down. I'd love to be more, but it's not terrible for the month. Also, I don't think I have an eating disorder yet which I'm considering a win. I find myself wanting to see how few points I can eat in a day (hello, disordered eating!) but then I can remind myself that the points are there to use. It's kept me from getting uber-restrictive and a few times I've actually eaten more in order to get to my point target. So, maybe a win? I prepaid for three months so I've got time left. I will say that this is the lowest I've gotten this quickly since Averson was born. I REALLY hope it works. C and I are going somewhere (TBD) next year and I very badly want to buy new trip clothes. 

Ooh. Segway. I was trying  to find a "before" picture so I can mark my progress and found these lovelies that Avery took at Eli's scout meeting.  
Effortless. Seriously. I woke up looking like this. 

Little People. Cult Edition

I think maybe being three feet tall is boring sometimes

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