Wednesday, October 11, 2017

All the Family Fun Memories

We really run hot or cold on family outings. Sometimes we're all for it, and then other times we can go weeks before we're all in the same car again. Last week we went big on the family fun activities. 

Through work we were practically gifted tickets to the Kings game. Now that all of my children 1) have opinions and 2) require the purchase of a ticket, these big adventures are much fewer and far between. Gone are the days of one of us sneaking out with the Bigs during nap, or convincing one kid that "It's for babies, you wouldn't have fun." Nope. Five tickets please. So being able to go to this game was a BFD. AND it was on a school night, which was even more amazing. AND we took friends. So basically Christmas is over. 
The kids had an awesome time. The game was great and everyone sat like civilized people. Syd got pissed when she had to share an $8 ice cream cone, but whatevs. And in the finest moment of karma ever, Averson (who had happily shared her overpriced dessert) asked for a toy and I said "no." And then a stranger bought it for her. A little weird but also kind of awesome. 

Facing a soccer free weekend (OMG. I am SO over soccer games) we fanatically insisted that we not sit in the house and hate each other. We batted around the idea of garage-saleing, but then I looked around my house and had a mild panic attack. So we decided to find a good hike and take all the heathens and hellbeasts into the wilderness. SUCH A GOOD IDEA. No one died, and it was just long enough to wear everyone out. 

Two dogs NOT being a-holes. Prong collars are magical so long as you avoid the judgy-mcjudgy looks from strangers. 

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