Sunday, February 17, 2019

Catching up with the happenings

We have been SO BUSY, and it's not even a cliche. My work has me traveling a ton, we're wrapping up the wrestling season (and with it the 12 hour tournaments) and the girls are really just along for the ride. Some of it's been really fun, and some has been ridiculously mundane. We got our pool fixed! And the guy came, did the work, and charged us what he said he would. It's a miracle! C has been volunteering for all the things, including spending the night at the church this weekend as security. I am trying to be all body-positive and tried to buy some new work clothes yesterday. It was awful and made me feel both lumpy and old. When did we start putting stripes down the side of slacks? Why don't pants have pockets? Why are all the work shirts sheer? WTF is happening?! I went to two malls and Nordstrom Rack and ended up with a pair of pants, two sweaters, a jacket, and a panic attack. Guys? I even tried the old lady stores that smell like mothballs and memories. So now I have three pairs of black pants and I'm committing to another round of Whole30. Right after I finish these boxes of Girl Scout cookies. 

Know who doesn't have any problem keeping up with fashion? Averson.
I puffy heart her fashion sense. She originally had on a cheetah print jacket as well, but she declared it to be "too much cat." 

1) They aren't trying to emotionally destroy each other and 2) they're actually playing. Like children. I pretty much cried right there. I believe the tween/teen years are going to be AWFUL with these two. 

C and I went to BINGO for our date and it was AMAZING. We were easily the youngest and least skilled there. Shirley, Blanche, and Robert took us under their wing and showed us the ropes. Then Shirley came on to my husband. 

With all of my early morning/late nights, C's been making lunches (and making me look bad in the process. Again.) 

Dinner, eaten in the bleachers of a high school gym during a tournament. This is why I have to do Whole30 again.

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