Sunday, January 26, 2020

Weekend in Pictures

"Yu wont die"
I have no context for this. No wonder the neighborhood loves us. 

Finally saying peace out to the weird paint colors!
First up, yellow family room and teal laundry room! 

I've never loved primer more in my whole life
Thoughts on this color for cabinets? I'm thinking about putting in new counters and just painting my cabinets (since I don't see us having the 70k these a-holes are quoting anytime soon). This isn't my kitchen, BTW. We were selling cookies at a neighbor's house and I noticed that they have the same floors as we do, so I awkwardly asked to see their kitchen.
Averson was the only kid for a few hours and played with this toy I checked out from the library that I was SURE was too young for her. She played with it for a solid hour, reminding me that it's probably hard to keep up with a tween and a teenager all the time. 


C and I were invited to a fancy dinner, like the kind with a menu card,
and had way more fun than we were expecting! Turns out we ARE middle-aged, small talk people now.

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