Thursday, February 6, 2020


We have a mailbox that inmates families can call in to if they have questions about their brother/dad/boyfriend/son related to their healthcare. Typically it's people wanting to check on medical conditions, make sure they're seeing a counselor, etc. Someone calls them back and answers their questions and it's all good.

Today I was walking by as the lady was returning calls and heard, "No, ma'am. He's in segregation. It's like solitary confinement. We don't put people in holes.... No. Ma'am. I'm trying to explain to you. He said in his letter that he was in THE Hole. Not A hole. We don't put people in holes. We don't even have any holes here. He's in a cell. Not a hole...He's definitely not in a hole, I promise."

So...PSA. California does not put inmates in holes. I hope this woman feels significantly better. 

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