Monday, March 30, 2020

Settling in

We've been on lock-down long enough now that it feels weird to think about going back to "normal." I go to work, the kids have started "practice week" of school, we walk the dog (just Scout because Atticus is an a-hole) a lot. I hit a breaking point last week so I stayed home Monday and Tuesday to recalibrate. I still worked, but it was good to get out of the panic for a second. 

I really want to be documenting this time, because I'm sure in a year I'll have forgotten a lot of the details like how compelled I feel to maintain my toilet paper stock and how eliminating food waste has been my primary focus. I also need to write so I have context as to why my teenage son is wearing a Descendant's bathrobe on a nature walk

Walking dogs
Averson wanted to wear it on our walk and quite honestly, I had no good reason for why she shouldn't. Then she got hot and asked Eli to carry it and then he rocked it like it was fashion. I have a whole blog post brewing about Corona-fashion. It's become quite epic.

We celebrated my mom's birthday last weekend. I made a cake from scratch! I haven't done that in years, and as soon as I did I felt stupid for not doing it more.
Birthday cake
She also got the traditional birthday donuts, Shelter in Place style. I love to support our local donut shop but Dunkin had a drive-thru.
Birthday donuts
The girls have been planning her birthday present for MONTHS and we've been brainstorming ideas. They came out perfectly and she loved them.
Murder Barbies!

The kids' chromebooks finally came (2 weeks for Prime!) just in time for us to get them set up for school. I kind of loved being there for the first day and I kind of love not having to do it every day.


More dog walks
We're filling our time and at the same time, I think we're getting more comfortable with being un-busy. My mom and I are working on our needlework, the boys nap a lot, Syd's been working on her birthday list in an effort to not freak out about the fact that she's probably not going to get the slumber party she's been planning for two years.

We’re crafting

So many naps

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