Sunday, April 26, 2020

Need recipes for Not Meth

It kind of feels like nothing noteworthy happens much anymore. I'm finding that I can only take so many pictures of the kids on their Chromebooks or in the pool. I woke up this morning grateful to have settled into a lifestyle where our weekends are lazy and lack pressure. I'm sure that I'm slightly more grateful since I'm still working outside of the house all week. 
We crafted! The girls and I made these cute animal necklaces after I figured out that Michael's does an awesome curbside pick-up

And Shrinky Dinks! They never get old
Eli has created a basketball court in my entry way and it gets more use than I'd thought it would.
Also I primed the dining room entirely with a paintbrush this week. 

Dunk contests
My sister is really leaning in to the homesteading aspect and managed to buy 5 POUNDS of yeast. She sent me some. Or maybe she didn't? I should smoke it and find out... Also, I NEEDED yeast and have no idea why. I'm a sheep, obvs. Tell me what to do with a giant bag of Not Meth! 

In the pool. ALL. THE. TIME. 
We're still trying to iron out the distance learning thing. C is in charge of it since I'm at work during the day, but three kids with three platforms, plus his own job to do, is A LOT. I thought it might work better to just do it at night, but that doesn't seem to be a great option for their work styles (read: we can't motivate them if they've messed around and watched tv all day.) They seem to be on task but then we keep getting Friday e-mails from the teachers. We're trying something new to organize their time this week, but I'm not sure we'll actually get the hang of it before the end of the year. I'd love to hear any tips or tricks that have worked for others. 

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