Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Easter 2020

Syd kept asking if the Easter Bunny was quarantined. I've been telling her "yes" for two weeks, which made our half-assed holiday celebrations feel extra special. I opine though that Easter was the perfect Shelter-in-place holiday. 
I'd bought the girls their outfits before the shut down. Eli improvised.
 Baskets were procured thanks to Target online and our local game shop that offers curbside pick-up. They ended up being some of our best baskets yet. Each kid got the traditional new swimsuit, a bunny, a rubics cube, and jar of putty. Plus candy and experimental flavors of Peeps, all wrapped up in a new string backpack.

 We weren't able to find egg dye kits, so I blew the girls' minds by setting up an egg dying station using only food coloring and vinegar. They may never go back. Averson drew a face on her egg and then twinned with her own mask. #COVIDEaster
Even the boy deigned to join us. Then, because he's basically an overgrown hormonal puppy, he accidentally broke three eggs by smashing them in his fist. 

I made us ham and a metric ton of scalloped potatoes, and we finished off the night with carrot cake and a viewing of Dr. Doolittle. We never got around to an egg hunt (likely for the best). We missed our friends, but it was a lovely, cozy day.

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