Wednesday, April 8, 2020

I'll show you mine

Guys? It's super weird to walk around a prison where everyone, including inmates, is wearing a mask and to be okay with it. Also, wearing masks has solidly proven that I made the right choice when choosing whether to be a body doctor or a feelings doctor. I'll be happy when I don't have to wear them anymore. In the meantime, I'm going to make sure I have cute ones to wear. 
My Rosie the Riveter mask
 It really changes the way we communicate when half of our face is covered. I keep finding myself smiling at people and realizing that they have no idea whether I'm smiling or just staring awkwardly (sometimes they're right). The first day I also noticed that I was pantomiming and gesticulating a lot, as though the mask somehow affected our ears? I don't know. Life's weird now. I do know the masks are working because when I wear mine for a while, it's gross and moist (I promise I tried to use a different word but nothing else captured the feeling correctly) and obvious that respiratory droplets are a real threat. TMI? I think not. This is where we live now.
All humility aside, I really like how green this one makes my eyes look

The girls wore theirs in the car to drop off a mask for a friend, even though I didn't let them get out

I think masks are our version of Victory Gardens. Though I'm also predicting now that soon we'll all be making toilet paper. You heard it here first.

There's some really promising research showing that the masks help. I hid in my office the first day because I was self-conscious about wearing it out and about. The second day, I committed to wearing it and several of my staff said, "Oh! I have one in my office but didn't want to be the only one." So here I am in mine, asking you to show me yours. Do we have a mask hashtag yet? Tell me in the comments where to find a picture of you in your mask

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  1. I agree!! The mask wearing feels totally weird still to me. I haven't had to be out too much since I work from home, but I have been trying to get up the guts to wear one myself. It just feels so.....odd!! Yours are super cute though.