Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Feeding my soul

I was starting to lose it last week. I have so much empathy for people trying to work from home, but I think I’d under-appreciated the impact of working on-site for the duration of dumpsterfire 2020. It was perfect timing then to be reminded that I had two personal days that I’d lose if they weren’t used by the end of the fiscal year. I made it a long weekend and OMG, I needed it. I went to the dentist. I got my oil changed. I slept in and then made brunch. We hiked twice. The first one was a dud; too hot, too dusty, too whiny. BUT, we made up for it with an awesome 5 mile trek that included rainbows, rock scrambling, swimming in the river, fishing for C, and hunting tadpoles for the rest of us. I am so grateful that my family has an activity we already liked that is still safe and available. I came back feeling refreshed and ready to go for another god help us who knows how long. I am a huge proponent of the idea that self-care is not always sloth and gluttony. It’s important that we know what actually feeds our souls and we make space for that “in these unprecedented times.”
She wanted to be a dog all week? So much that she wanted to hike on a leash. This was our compromise. There was definitely howling

I’m also appreciating C’s quarantine hair. He’s NEVER let it get this long and I’m here for it

I 100% acknowledge that I only added this picture because I think I look pretty. Lean in, right? :)

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