Sunday, June 28, 2020

Happy Birthday Eli!

Can we just take a moment to appreciate that this tiny little person used to seem SO OLD? I had no idea
I measured Eli on the growth chart this week and realized that he’s been taller than me for almost two years. I had to special order the shoes he asked for because his feet are enormous. 12/13 nearly broke me. Now he’s super chill and funny and awesome to be around. I’ve always thought he was an adult waiting for his body to catch up and I think I was right. 

We celebrated in typical quarantine fashion. Traditional birthday donuts, his favorite dinner of tortellini, ice cream cake, and permission to stay up all night playing video games. I even bought him energy drinks since I obviously don’t need to worry about stunting his growth. 

My time left with him as a kid is feeling very real and very precious. He’s quick to remind me how long he has before he gets a job, drives, goes to college... I’d love to keep him to myself, but man, the world is going to be so lucky to have him out there

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