Tuesday, June 9, 2020

School’s Out

And just like that, they’re done. The chromebooks are stashed away, the textbooks have been returned, and there are no more Zoom’s on our calendar. I am immensely grateful for how these teachers rallied and pulled together crisis learning. I am also immensely grateful that it’s over.

In all the drama of the past few months, somehow I completely skipped over that Eli is going to be in HIGH SCHOOL next year. 2024 seemed so long ago when he started kindergarten. Now it’s quite likely that I already own the shoes I’ll wear to his graduation.


  1. Sometimes I am worried that I wanted to get pregnant right now to totally distract myself from this milestone. I cannot even. And then the COVID loophole-- it makes me question my decisions about school and sports EVEN MORE. Congrats and cheers to a bright future!

  2. High school prepared me for the older one to be in college--of course it's exciting and lovely to watch them turn into little grownups, but it sometimes felt like peeling off a bandaid sloooooooooooowly.

  3. High school, no. E can't be going to high school because that means L will be there in two years. And l still my little girl. I am certain of it. Just look at my last blogpost.