Monday, June 8, 2020

Our Menagierie

For a house where I've declared no more things that poop, we seem to still keep collecting pets. We're about one more month of quarantine away from getting a kitten. 
This is Francisco. He fell out of the tree while my mom was on the stoop. He's literally four feet long and I love him because, apparently, he eats rats and rattle snakes. I love that enough to forgive the fact that I didn't know there was a four foot snake in our tree.

Cauliflower and Emily. They're snails. Averson caught them by the pond and has kept them alive for two weeks. They like arugula. 

The big one is Nemo Jackson. C adopted him off of Facebook when his family decided he'd outgrown his tank.

And then of course we have the OG's

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  1. Get the kitten, we got the quarantine kitten. Best decision ever, and now the dog has a BBF.