Saturday, December 26, 2020

A Cozy Christmas

Our Christmas was so quiet and cozy that I forgot to take almost any pictures. But I got the gist of it
Christmas is my favorite season on our street. The luminarias are a pain in the butt but they do make it all so magical.

I gathered the kids for the requisite Christmas Eve Matching jammies pic (after a quick alteration on Syd’s because she grew since Black Friday.) man, these are so much easier with big kids

Or maybe not...

Not to toot my own horn, but I KILLED it with the gifts this year. Each kid got at least one gift that blew their minds and a couple more that made them really happy. Syd got the iPad she was convinced was too extravagant to ask for. Eli got the TV for his room that we’ve been fundamentally opposed to for years (until we realized that between his phone and laptop, he already has access to a bunch of screens.) And Averson got a new bike with gears AND a kickstand and more legos than she knows what to do with. 

And it’s not a robe (and I actually got mine last year), but the whole family got the Sherpa hoodies. These might have been the all around favorites. 

All Girl Rock band! LOL!

It was declared to be “The Best Christmas Ever!” Movies were watched, the food was delicious (cinnamon rolls and tri tip chili), and everyone stayed in their jammies all day. We managed to talk to or FaceTime everyone we were missing throughout the day. It was perfect. No notes (except that I think C and I will start buying, wrapping, and hiding gifts for each other [or ourselves] in January. The SNL skit is funny because it’s true. I will say though that the gifts I got were really on the nose)

Tired, happy parents

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday, however that looked. Five more days until 2021. We’ve got this! 


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