Thursday, December 31, 2020

In Lieu of Resolutions


2020 was, without a doubt, a weird year. I can't help but feel partially responsible since we did usher it in with charcuterie, slime, and the absolute cheapest rot-gut alcohol we could find. I promise we won't make that mistake again. For many, many reasons. 

This is the time of year that I'm usually planning my intentions for the upcoming year. Setting my resolutions (which are often based in self-degradation or FOMO) and making grand plans for how the new year will be DIFFERENT! BETTER! MORE RESPONSIBLE!

I decided I'm not doing that this year. I'm quietly, cautiously welcoming the new year and rather than make big declarative statements, I want to reflect on what I'm proud of from 2020. Chances are that if I set big goals for 2021, I'll miss the mark, but I did the same last year and yet here I am, having done some cool shit despite everything. I think I like that idea better. 

  • At the beginning of the year I bought a "Line a Day" journal. I only missed a single day (RIP May 8th) all year. I love the idea of journaling but often get intimidated by the actual writing part. Having a tiny area to fill has made this a really easy routine to adopt. Each date has space for five years, so I can't wait until next year when I can look back and reflect on "STILL HOME" and "Tiger King. WTF?" 
  • I KILLED it with the kids' Christmas presents this year. Each kid loved their gifts and no one (at least outwardly) expressed jealousy or disappointment. I stayed within a reasonable number of gifts and budget. No one got last minute filler gifts. I feel like I've peaked and that I should hang up my Santa hat now but also maybe I'm just getting really good at this? 
  • I have worked out regularly, and intensely, for the last three months. That in and of itself is a big accomplishment but even cooler is that even though I haven't lost any weight (like any. at all.) I still feel like it's been worth it. It's changed the way I think about my body shape and size and I'm so much happier. I can hold a handstand (against a wall, but still), knock out a bunch of burpees, and row without wanting to die. 
  • This goes along with working out but deserves it's own section. Eli and I have been working out together and it's been so cool to hang out with him in a different setting. I feel like he's really becoming who he's going to be and man, he's just such a cool person. If I wasn't related to him I'd still want to be his friend. If you want to bond with your teenager, I highly recommend taking up a hobby that neither of you knows anything about. Also he's really really good. 
  • I quit wearing make-up everyday and I like it. I put on foundation for the first time when we had our family pictures taken and as soon as we got home I washed it off. These days my work look is literally brushing my hair and putting on mascara. I have slowly whittled my morning routine down to about 15 minutes and it is GLORIOUS. 
  • I read 62 books, including a few that I read out loud to the girls.
  • My family pictures this year were awesome. I loved my outfit, everyone else loved theirs, our photographer was lovely, and they came out beautifully. 
  • At the beginning of March I got really into buying games and puzzles. We've continued to play games pretty regularly as a family and have actual favorites. The kids pull them out randomly and our dining room table is always kept clear in anticipation of a game. 
  • We've managed to save money this year in a way that we've never been successful before. Part of this is the lack of activities, but I also think that C and I have reached a point where we have a really effective shared language that's helped. 
For 2021, I hope that I can keep the things that I liked about 2020. More unstructured time with the family. Less hustle on the weekends. Reading in the middle of the day. Doing activities with my kids that highlight their unique personalities. Saving money and spending more intentionally. Focusing more on "feeling better" than "appearing better." 

It's been fun too to read other people's resolutions for the new year. What are you planning to focus your energies on next year? What are you really proud of when you look back at the last year, as weird as it was? 


  1. I also did an excellent job with Christmas and did not buy filler crap, even for stockings. I think this is because I went inside ZERO stores. I am going to shop like it;s a pandemic forever. We need to get back on the saving train. We were there from March-August, but then we had a baby and bought ALL OF THE THINGS all of the time

  2. Ohh--Lovely pictures and a really inspiring list. It made me feel quite *peaceful* to read it all, actually--usually lists of achievements don't usually do that. I think some of your own calm and equanimity came through. All best wishes for 2021