Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Festive AF

We’re having an outbreak at work (150+ cases in a week. It’s scary) and I thought for sure that my time off this week was going to get cancelled. But after working the weekend and Monday, my boss sent me away. I’m taking this gift and running with it, determined to fully enjoy the next week and make as much merry as I possibly can. When I left the house today my mask smelled like frosting so I’m pretty sure I’m nailing it 
My first foray into royal icing. Half my cookies looked adorable and the other half looked like a demented, inbred cousin of adorable. 

Eli and I went Christmas shopping and he bought himself this suit. He is FEELING it and has worn it for two straight days. I love how he looks like his first job is in the mailroom at the North Pole

C brought home a poinsettia from the school that’s bigger than any plant I’ve ever successfully kept alive

And then he hung my giant wreath on the house. But now I think it needs to be bigger maybe?

These two ❤️


We’re watching at least one Christmas movie a day. Last night was The Night Before. HILARIOUS but maybe I could’ve skipped watching dirty bar sex and numerous duck pics with both my kids AND my mother

I just love these so much
This Snapchat filter brings me joy (and confirms that I was not actually secretly adopted.) Its all me, but the resemblance to my mom, my brother, and Averson are uncanny

My presents are bought (and wrapped!) My cards got sent out today. I bought the ingredients for our traditional Christmas Day chili. All I have left to do is make cinnamon rolls and eat all those cookies! 


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