Thursday, August 12, 2021

First day of school!

It's happening! All three kids left for real life, all day, no Chromebooks in sight school today. I have feelings, given the political climate of our area and the huge surge of the Delta variant, but I'm trusting that the kids are good mask-wearers and that the schools are enforcing all the mandates. 

This year we have three kids at three different schools. Averson is in third grade, Sydney started middle school (with her Dad), and Eli is a sophomore. It was weird to drop Avery off all on her own, and made her seem suddenly so much older. But then she was 100% judgey about all the kids getting walked to their classrooms and practically leapt from the car, so maybe she's ready to be more independent. 

I noticed when I took the picture that they all matched, but didn't say anything because I didn't want to break the magic of a relatively stress-free morning. Averson told me later that they did it on purpose, and then my heart exploded. 

Let the chaos begin! 

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