Sunday, April 3, 2022

Career week (alternate title: Fangirling librarians)

 This last Friday I presented to Averson’s class for career week. It was via zoom, and last minute, so unlike years past I did NOT over prepare. Or really prepare at all :/ Luckily I’d at least asked Averson for tips and she suggested highlighting how much school I’d gone to and leaving lots of time for questions. 

I think it went well! The kids actually had questions, thank God, and now that I don’t work in a prison they were definitely more diverse. I did get asked if I’ve ever had to call the police or the FBI but most were along the lines of “what does your day look like” and “what’s your favorite part of your job?” One kid asked what I would be doing if I weren’t a psychologist, and for some reason I totally blanked. Guys, I have an answer! I have a good answer! And I totally couldn’t think of it so I think I said “teacher” or “writer.” 

Both of those are good, but you know what I really would be? A librarian. I remember considering it in college and not wanting to lose my love of books, but I had no idea at the time all that librarians do. I think if I had, I 100% would have gone into library sciences. Yesterday I was telling a friend about how our library just added cake pans to their catalog and she told me that she DOESN’T HAVE A LIBRARY CARD. I geeked out on the community impact of the public library, and why it’s so important to patronize the library, so hard that it got a little awkward. 

I just love the whole concept of an equal access resource so much. Our library abolished all late fines post pandemic, after being able to show that people continued to return books without them. My local branch, which is in an area with a lot of homeless people, has free feminine hygiene products in the gender neutral bathrooms. There’s a seed library! I’m sure there’s drama and bullshit but I would love to be in the meetings where they say “Hey! We need more of this thing in our community. How do we make it happen?” My dream is to get to pick a book for a”staff picks” display. If I got to make a whole display I could just die happy on the spot. 

I want to hear from librarians. Is it as awesome as I think it is? Or am I totally fangirling? Or if you’re burnt out, do you want me to make your display for you? I totally will

If you weren’t doing what you’re doing (librarian or otherwise) what would you be doing instead?  


maya said...

Librarians are my favorite keepers of civilization ever, so I might join you in fangirling. Does your library have a board? Many public libraries do, and are need of volunteers to fill positions.

Megan Lung said...

I LITERALLY WISH I WOULD HAVE BEEN A LIBRARIAN! I've been to the library lately and it's been slow so the librarians talk to me and show me all the cool things the library website has (sewing tutorials, craft ideas, crocheting videos galore) and also recommend me books to read. It is really really cool and I wish I would have seriously thought about it. ugh!