Monday, April 18, 2022

Last Kids on Earth

I have been doing a lot of things and blogging few of them, which I know I’ll regret. Today I’m home sick with some kind of head cold that is not Covid, but also felt like might be poor show to try to work through, so I’m taking the opportunity to catch up. Starting with Averson’s big event, a Meet The Author for one of her favorite books/shows, Last Kids on Earth. As part of the event she also got a signed copy of the book being released that day, which she thought was about the coolest thing ever. 

When it was her turn to ask a question, she asked “Why do you insist on writing more books?” I’m sure she meant it well but the adults shared a collective pause. Then she got a very honest answer. He’s under contract for two books per year, April and September. Three left in the contract and then he’s done. So…maybe not that off-base


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