Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Parents of teenagers: I am not okay

 No one prepared me, when I was wishing for confident, funny children, for the moment when a child would so self-rightously look me dead in the eye and question why I was reacting so strongly to something they did. Something that made me genuinely understand why they had to clarify that you can only drop infants off at fire stations. Something so egregiously against the rules of both our home and regular society that I was the epitome of the word "flabbergasted." Like, if you've ever watched any teen drama, read a book, or engaged with anyone, anywhere, at anytime you would know that what they did was patently "not cool." 

Parents of older kids, help me out. I have to believe that they are good, smart people at heart but good Lord, I may actually go out for milk and never come back. 

I'm including this picture from when they were cute and tiny and not glaring at me


  1. OH MY GOD. YES. We just laugh with each other because we know they are being developmentally appropriate but it's so horrifying.

  2. In my experience, it doesn't stop when they stop being teenagers... wish I had better news to share from the other side. 😆

  3. Ohhhh, this was so cathartic to read. Yes to all of it.