Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Little bits of happy

 I texted a friend the other night and confessed, "I don't think I have very good stress management skills" to which she replied, "Really? I think you just have a lot of stress" and honestly, it was the kindest thing she could have said. There is a lot going on and I pretty consistently am feeling like those characters in the ridiculous action scenes that have their noses pressed to the ceiling while the water rises. It's fine, or actually it's not but it will be, and like everything else the only way through is through. 

But in the meantime, there are small little pockets of things that are bringing me such delight. 

Like these tiny whales I've learned to crochet! The first one took about three days based off of a 30 minute real-time video, but now I can do it from memory in about an hour. They're twee and precious and I love them a lot. My ultimate goal is to be able to crochet a Dolly Parton doll, but for now I'm going to move on to maybe an octopus or a seahorse. Or maybe make a whale into a piranha. It's such a silly thing and I love it. I also have apparently begun collecting other people's amigurumi and have a whole shelf in my office, plus this awesome gremlin I bought because it reminded me of my mom. 

And I guess I'm really into historical fiction about women in WWII? I didn't realize it until I was geeking out about The Huntress, which I'm listening to on audiobook (HIGHLY recommend, and so good via audiobook). That led to me talking about The Rose Code, which led to Code Girls, which made me realize that I'd chosen The Wedding Dress Sewing Circle for my Book of the Month and now I think it's officially a "thing." If you know of a historical fiction book about the Rosies in the shipyards or the Radium Girls, please please please leave a comment! 

And speaking of Rosies, I bought this jumpsuit at Old Navy and 1) it was obviously totally meant to be because it was the only one in my size, on clearance, in the wrong area and 2) it's the greatest thing that's ever happened to my Rosie loving self. I mean, is there anything more perfect? It brings me such ridiculous joy. If it didn't immediately turn 95 degrees the day after I bought it, I think I would wear it every day. Instead I just gaze lovingly at it and whisper, "soon." 

This one is kind of a roller coaster, but I was so excited this week because I realized that this shirt that I snagged while cleaning out my mom's closet perfectly matched my rainbow crystal Pride earrings. I love a good coordination, and it made it a bit less awful when I found out we were back to N95s at work. I apparently have a tiny head so I have to wear a ponytail with an N95, but that also highlighted just how cute my earrings were! So that's a rainbow silver lining :) 

I need to do the adulty, stress-management things too, like getting back to the gym and not drinking so much coffee and trying not to rage into the void, but I think collecting these little things like shiny rocks in my pocket helps. 


  1. That romper looks super cute on you! And your craft skills (and will to craft) are always impressive.

  2. LOVE the romper and your yarn dolls. All of the Kate Quinn books fit your bill. I just listened to Diamond Eye, and while it was not... well researched, I did like it as much as The Huntress and Rose Code. Also The Alice Network by Quinn. The Paris Library by Janet Charles and The Postmistress of Paris by Meg Clayton Waite are good. Of course The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah. Apparently I have a thing for this too LOL