Sunday, April 11, 2010

Catching up

Look who got his big-boy bed (finally)! All the hard work dedicated to craigslist finally paid off and we scored this awesome captain's bed for the kid. Today I went to put his clothes in the drawers, and he had put one single toy in each one. The kid apparently can't handle an empty drawer. I know the feeling. He loves the new bed and looks so grown-up in it I can't stand it. He also refuses to keep his pajamas on and so is usually buck-nekkid in there, but that's another story.

By the weekend we still had a shit-ton of Easter eggs left and so I made C two plates of deviled eggs. This is the face of a contented man.

Today marks 9 months pregnant, which for those keeping score at home, means that we will likely have a baby girl within a month. This freaks me out tremendously. On top of that, according to the doctor she's in perfect position, which means she'll be coming into the world the old-fashioned way (I had a c-section with Eli because he was breech). I love the idea of a natural childbirth, but there was a part of me that was hoping we'd *have* to schedule another c-section. So now we wait. And I freak out. And we wait some more. I'm not sure if it's worse because I've already done it the other way, but I'm scared to death that a) I won't know that I'm in labor or b) will know that I'm in labor and totally wuss out. I am assured that I'll know when I start having contractions, but I'm not so sure, and I've heard enough "pregnant woman wets pants, rushes to hospital" stories to not be sure I'll even know if my water breaks. Oh the crazy that is coming on. Just wait.

I also started teaching Eli the fine art of self-portraiture. Obviously we've got room to grow. I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture, but he and I have matching toenails. He insisted that he wanted pink, just like Mommy. C, as you can guess, was thrilled but acted very excited when Eli showed them off. Also, he is in fact wearing underwear in this picture. I have some standards.

I'm nesting like crazy but not in the typical, clean the house, fold the laundry sort of way. I cleaned the kitchen and both bathrooms today with the toxic chemical cleaner (rather than my hippy, all natural stuff) and then went to the store and stocked up on frozen food and meat. So we're all set. I alternate between cursing my husband and crying tears of gratitude that he hasn't left my crazy ass. He's a good man. Speaking of crazy, The Crazy was tested to the extreme this week when not one but both of our cars required significant, and therefore expensive, unplanned repairs. Seriously, we've been to five separate mechanics in the last 10 days. I'm taking it as a sign of progress that my head hasn't exploded.

Finally, I spent some time looking at my archives today and it reminded me how happy I am that I've kept up on this blog. I'd forgotten a lot of the things I wrote about, and I can't believe how much Eli's changed in just a year and a half. Check this one and this one out. Can you believe that hair?


  1. I am really curious to hear how the natural birth goes. I had a c-section due to a breech too-now that I am thinking about it I think I remember C ensuring me that c-sections aren't bad, and that you had one and it went great.

  2. Omg...all 9 mo's of you is freakin' adorable (not in that "aw, aren't you cute" patronizing way)! God, thinking of natural birth scares the hell out of me and I've never been preggo. So, let me know how it goes unless it goes terribly, in which case I want to know nothing.