Thursday, April 29, 2010

Shrink the shrink

We are *edgy* in the Chiconky household these days. It's part of C and I's schtick that we are not always the lovey-dovey sticky sweet couple. We tend to drive each other crazy at least as often as we don't. This gets significantly more pronounced when we're under stress. So yeah. It's been awesome the last couple of days.

I don't want to sound like we bicker all the time (although it's been known to happen). Everytime the shit has really hit the fan, and it has a few times, we have responded in a way that still makes me proud when I think back on it. And C is amazing when I'm not. It's the leading up to that's torture.

Also adding to the tension is that I've been off work all week, and I'm not doing well without a daily structure. I had big plans for what I wanted to accomplish, and the number of checks on my list is few. Tomorrow is our appointment where we'll find out which end Little Miss thinks is up, and therefore whether we'll be going old-school or zipper. So yeah, again, we're *edgy*.

On the up-side and totally unrelated except that I don't want to be all whiny-pregnanty, we got our first CSA box today. I'm so excited! I only knew what about half of the veggies were, but I'm excited to try to cook the other half. We also got two pints of fresh strawberries, which are supposed to be phenomenal around here, and a single orange. I loved that. The "family box" came with one lonely orange. Eli and I shared it. It was delicious. Tomorrow I'm eyeing the snap peas or the cilantro. Or maybe the beets. Or the collard greens. The possibilities!

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  1. Sorry things are a bit rough. At least tomorrow you will know what to anticipate... Man it will be aweosme when she gets here! and frankly you and your man rock as parents and as friends and as people. Seriously, you are both some of my favorite peeps I have known, ever. Pregnant, or not!